We encourage you to call us today about any questions you may have, toll free,  at  1-877-FUTBOL-1.

  • Does Ryerson Soccer provide fundraisers to help participants raise money for the trip?

Ryerson Soccer has helped each group with fundraising ideas and programs to help offset costs. We have the Ryerson Raffle Program where participants can raise money, at no risk or upfront costs, by selling tickets for the Ryerson Raffle Grand Prize, which allows them to keep 100% of the ticket sales income. Specific details will be provided upon receipt of the initial deposit. This opportunity will be available for both individuals and team participants.

  • What is the difference between individual travel and team travel?

Ryerson Soccer is forming teams of individuals ages 13-19 years of age. They will participate with other individuals who sign up. Ryerson Soccer will also be taking current teams from around the country. The cost and itinerary are the same for 2014, the only differences are that a Ryerson Soccer Rep will coach the individuals and they will also be provided a Ryerson Soccer uniform.

  • What does the tour include?

Our tours are all inclusive. We will not add fees for tours and excursions. See the trip itineraries for specific details.

  • Are the Ryerson Soccer Reps available during the trip?

A Ryerson Soccer Rep will be available for the entire trip from check-in to check-out to ensure complete satisfaction. The Reps will have been finger printed and will have had background checks for the participants safety.

  • Is Sweden a safe place to send my child for this trip?

Sweden is a very safe and is often ranked in various studies as a top ten place to live and for safety. The city of Gothenburg counts on the Gothia Cup for substantial income and treats this event with a high level of security and concern for safety of all participants.

  • What are the typical accommodations?

Ryerson Soccer prides itself on the overall experience and acknowledges the fact that Europe accommodations can differ from the comfort of the states. The accommodations vary depending on availability and group size, however, Ryerson Soccer offers many options to make the experience memorable.

  • What types of transportation is provided?

Ground transportation to and from the airport is in a motor coach bus. Ryerson Soccer also uses 15 passenger and 10 passenger vans. Gothia Cup provides a bus schedule solely for participants. The ground transportation will also include public transportation; trains, trams, buses, and ferries.

  • What is the level of play there and what is the competition like?

Relationships have been formed with Ryerson Soccer and we can customize the matches to fit the profile of the team or group of individuals that travel. The Gothia Cup draw is done by the tournament administrators, however, after group play teams will be seeded according to rankings and then teams will be placed in the appropriate bracket for the remainder of the tournament.