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Individual Travel Package

Ryerson Soccer will be forming teams made up of individual participants ages 13-19 for Sweden 2015. Individuals will check-in with a Ryerson Soccer Representative at one of three departure sites for Sweden 2015. Check-in will happen on Wednesday July 8th, 2015 in the International Terminal of each of the following departure locations; LAX (Los Angeles International), SFO (San Francisco) or IAD (Dulles International).

Beginning¬† at check-in the unforgettable experience of competing in the World’s Largest Youth Soccer Cup will start! The participants will be able to initiate relationships with others at this time and a healthy pre-flight meal will be provided. The Ryerson Soccer Rep will then accompany the participants to GOT (Goteborg Landvetter Airport) where they will be picked up in a motor coach bus and transported to the community of Marks, Sweden roughly 45 minutes from the airport. Participants will have the opportunity to get acclimated after the long journey as they sleep in double occupancy accommodations. Players will be able to meet and train with other individuals arriving from the different US departure airports as they adjust to their new European lifestyle. This will give the players a chance to get to know each other on and off the field as they prepare for a pre-Gothia tournament in Orby, Sweden hosted by a Ryerson Soccer partner club, IFK Orby.

Players will have a chance to adjust to the Swedish style of play and for many it will be their first taste of a true International match. Participants learn the rules, the customs and become immersed in an environment similar to what the Gothia Cup will offer but on a much smaller scale. IFK Orby has been very hospitable to Ryerson Soccer over the years and the relationships that have been formed allow the participants to experience Sweden as “locals” as they eat, shop and begin to feel comfortable.

Participants will then recover from the matches by strolling along the beach in the charming and popular summer resort city of Varberg, Sweden. Varberg is more heavily populated than Orby and gives the participants a chance to experience some of the Swedish culture. Participants will tour the Varberg Fortress which was erected in the 1280s as part of a chain of military establishments along the west coast. The shopping and sightseeing offers participants some free time to hang out on the beach and roam the fortress corridors.

On Sunday the group will travel into the big city of Gothenburg, Sweden in order to check into the Gothia Cup and the living quarters for the remainder of the tournament in Anaskolan. Players will be amazed as they see the other teams also checking in from all over the world. On Monday the Gothia Cup begins and the first of three group matches will be played. The fabulous Gothia Cup Opening Ceremonies will take place Monday evening in Ullevi Stadium with 55,000 other participants from all over the world. On Tuesday, the second group match will be played. Wednesday the third group match is played and the seeding for the rest of the tournament is released. The individuals will have opportunities to sightsee, tour museums and go to Liseberg amusement park throughout the week. Depending on the how the teams finish in group play, the teams will be placed in the “A Playoff” (top 2 teams of group play) or “B Playoff” (lower 2 teams of group play). From that point on it becomes a single elimination situation and every match determines whether the group advances towards winning the Gothia Cup! The finals take place on Saturday at the new National Stadium Gamla Ullevi. Participants have access to the finals with their Gothia Cup card. On Sunday the participants will fly home to their original departure cities and will be checked out by the Ryerson Soccer Representative, concluding the trip.

Key Info for Individual Travel

-Individuals must be 13-19 years of age.

-Guaranteed six matches.

-The participants will receive a complete uniform at check-in and should pack in carry-on.

-All food will be provided including three meals a day from check-in to check-out.

-Lodging will be double occupancy in Marks and classroom setting during the Gothia Cup.

-All transportation will be provided from check-in to check-out.

-Individual participants are responsible for getting to and from the airport departure sites.

-All excursions will be included along with registration for the tournaments, entrance to museums, Liseberg amusement park, and the Varberg Fortress.

-Ryerson Soccer reserves the right to change the itinerary at any time.

-All inclusive price of $3,000 plus airline tax. Airline tax is not included and varies, which will be collected when the tickets are issued. (Typically less than $200).