We want to welcome you to Ryerson Soccer International Travel! Ryerson Soccer is a family owned and operated international tour company that specializes in American youth soccer teams traveling abroad to play in the world’s largest youth soccer tournament, The Gothia Cup.  Ryerson Soccer is proud to be selected as an official agent of the Gothia Cup which enables us to provide superior service and ensure customer satisfaction.  From the roots of the Ryerson family in Sweden to all the players in the United States, join us today for a once in a lifetime soccer experience. Go with who you know, Ryerson Soccer!



·  25 yeas of American Soccer Expertise

·  Specialize in Sweden and Gothia Cup

·  Free Documentary DVD of Your Tour

·  Individual and Team Packages

·  Coach Travels for Free

·  Profitable Fundraising Programs

·  Official Agents of the Gothia Cup








Hello Tim, I would like to thank you on behalf of my team and myself as well for everything you have done for us this trip and making Gothia Cup successful for us. We are all in it to go again next year to make more memories! Thank you once again!



Thanks Tim for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to play at the Gothia Cup. It was a great experience and I am truly thankful.

-Robbie Geber